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{Makeover Story}Angel

January 25th, 2013 by Minling Pan

The makeover story featured by Trend Magazine has already been published! I am so happy it came out great!!

The makeover story is for Angel, the winner of A1 Singing Contest.

Angel is an accountant. Her daily schedule is very routine from 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday. She loves singing, so she sings and takes part in a lot of singing contest at her spare time.

In this feature, I helped her transform from an office lady to a performer. How exciting is this!

Makeover Story - Angel

Angel is about 170 cm tall & has a very good figure. She can easily handle a lot of different styles. However, as an accountant, dressing properly is very important. Her job is all about money, numbers, credibility and responsibility.  I chose a charcoal grey blazer, a pair of color pants, a warm brown handbag and some subtle jewelry for her.  Greys, browns and blues are good choices for a reliable and responsible image. The brightness of the pants gives the look a lift, not playful but current. Most of her time is spent sitting in front of a computer, so I ensured the blazer and the pants are comfortable enough as well.

I did two on-stage looks for her, one in printed jump suits and the other in a little black dress. Jump suits look really great on Angel because she is tall and her figure is very proportioned. This black dress is just perfect for Angel. It is made of poly-type strong fabric and hemmed with soft lace at the bottom, which well reflects Angel’s feature – a powerful voice inside a soft personality. Chunkier jewelry was chosen to complete the looks.

Angel loved the looks that I designed for her. She said that she saw a different self and I made her to try different things that she wouldn’t tried herself. It was great working with her. I wish her every success in her career and in singing!


If you want to be my makeover story candidate, please contact the office at 647.342.4808.

– Minling xo




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