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Saturday Happy Hour Workshop (Complementary)

Weekly workshop is launched to interact with our valued customers.  

Workshop takes place every Saturday from 11am-noon. Registrations are open during the week and cut-off time is every Friday by 6pm.  You can either call the studio at 647.342.4808 or email to register.

Maximum 5 people can be registered into one workshop. Minling will –

  • Talk about what colors are your best colors
  • Help you find out your personality style
  • Guide you through our extensive racks of clothing and show you how to use clothes to flatter your skin tone and body type
  • Answer all your questions you might have

Please contact for any questions.

 Saturday Happy Hour Workshop


Color Analysis

2-3 hours

Minling will use the Seasonal Color System to find out the WOW colors for you. At the end of the color analysis, you will receive a customized color booklet which includes 36 swatch colors.

The following aspects will be assessed and acknowledged:

  • Your undertone
  • Your color palette
  • The best makeup colors for you



1) For personal development session, Minling will combine the four season color theory and:

  • Access your undertone and home season
  • Review your makeup products and clean out the items that do not enhance your coloring and style
  • Guide you to understand what colors are your best makeup colors
  • Learn makeup techniques
2) For special occasions/events, please contact to obtain price list.



If you need photography service for your special occasions e.g. graduation, wedding, we are able to help! We’ve teamed up with our dearest photographer Rocco and his partners. Minling helps you to achieve the best personal image while Rocco ensures that you look fabulous in the photography images!

To check out Rocco’s photography style, please see here.


Style Analysis

3 hours

In the style analysis session, you will clearly understand your shapes, proportions and your best features so that you can create a harmonized and confident look.

At the end of consultation, you will receive a customized style manual outlining all details.

The following aspects will be assessed and discussed:

  • Body type
  • Best features
  • Personality style
  • Hair style
  • Eye wear style



  • Beginner Package
    Color Analysis and makeup session
    Color Analysis and Style Analysis
  • Intermediate Package
    Color, Style Analysis, Wardrobe Planning and Module Design

For customized sessions, please contact


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