What We Have to Offer

Color Analysis

2-3 hours

Minling will use the Seasonal Color System to find out the WOW colors for you. At the end of the color analysis, you will receive a customized color booklet which includes 36 swatch colors.

The following aspects will be assessed and acknowledged:

  • Your undertone
  • Your color palette
  • The best makeup colors for you


Style Analysis

3 hours

In the style analysis session, you will clearly understand your shapes, proportions and your best features so that you can create a harmonized and confident look.

At the end of consultation, you will receive a customized style manual outlining all details.

The following aspects will be assessed and discussed:

  • Body type
  • Best features
  • Personality style
  • Hair style
  • Eye wear style


  • Beginner Package
    Color Analysis and makeup session
    Color Analysis and Style Analysis
  • Intermediate Package
    Color, Style Analysis, Wardrobe Planning and Module Design

For customized sessions, please contact

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