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Valentine window display + Photo Booth fun!

February 2nd, 2013 by Alan Pan

We’ve already stepped into February!

Hope you are enjoying the month of spreading love!

Main theme of the window display for February of course is Valentine. We incorporated bunches of flowers, love letters, a giant ring, a giant necklace and a huge gift box to deliver the message “spread the love”.

necklace and gift box

bunches of flowers

giant ring

I am proud to say that the ring was put up by me :) I used about 10 straws, a hula hoop and some glitter strings to finish it! It’s actually very simple, but I did map out the geo of the “diamond” before I sculptured it. The necklace was more time consuming. It was made of foam balls {from the dollar store}. Holes were drilled before spray paint and glitter were applied on each of them. The process was a bit messy but it turned out really great!

Each window is just perfect! If you pass by our studio front, I am sure you will be attracted by them! Please remember to come in and say hi!

Another excitement for this month is our Valentine Photo Booth! We’ve already had so much fun!

photo booth

Minling & customer 

more people

photo booth signage

Remember when you participate in our photo booth event, you will be able to save at the same time!

Then why not have some fun and save on gifts?! 

Some customers asked if they can take pictures with friends, of course!!!!!!!! We value all kinds of love! You can come in with friends, your mum, your dad, brothers and/or sisters, pets, neighbors, colleagues, any type of love!! Even only by yourself, you are welcome to come take pictures with us! Because we LOVE our customers!!

We hope to see you soon!!!

Lots of love from the Shining Image team!




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